12 May 2016
roof leak repair Prince George VA

Finding a Roof Leak Repair Specialist in Prince George VA

You may be wondering “Where do I start?” when looking for roof leak repair service in Prince George VA. There are many service providers that are skilled at providing roofing services. The important thing is to choose the one that is right for you and your specific situation. You need a roof leak specialist that has the experience, knowledge, and a genuine commitment to excellence. You get that and more at Timothy’s Home Improvement. Our crew of qualified technicians arrives promptly and gets the job done right. You cannot afford to choose the wrong company to work on your roof. Choose our experts and get the peace of mind you deserve.

The Difference Between Us and Them

The difference between us and them is simple. At Timothy’s Home Improvement we offer competitive rates for top quality results. We pour our heart and soul into every roof we service. Many people do not realize how devastating a roof leak can be. The leak can spread and cause an incredible amount of damage. It can lead to problems with mold and mildew. The sooner you find us for roof leak repair in Prince George VA the better. We nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of control. Our inventory is full of all types of shingles for all kinds of roofs. This allows us to offer fast and effective service every time.

We Take Roof Repair Seriously

Knowing the issues a leaky roof can cause, we can’t help but take roof leak repair in Prince George VA very seriously. Our goal is to administer the ultimate service experience in order to establish long-term relationships. We believe that if we take care of you today, you will return to us again if the need ever arises. This is why we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We do not consider any job too small.

The Roof Repair Experts

Our experts can repair leaks on any type of roof. We use the best tools of the trade and quality products to administer flat roof, metal roof, and tile roof repairs. Our roof mechanics use proven methods to stop leaks fast and then repair the damaged area. You can call Timothy’s Home Improvement and schedule fast and accurate roof leak repair in Prince George VA. Our qualified technician will come out and inspect the area, give you a fair estimate, and provide the excellent service you deserve.

25 Apr 2016
Home Improvement Chesterfield County VA

Timothy’s Home Improvement is the Home Improvement Specialist for Chesterfield County, VA

Are you planning to purchase a new house or remodel the old one to make it look better? Either of the two, the need for expert home improvement specialist in Chesterfield County, VA is important. home remodeling procedures are a serious matter and require a great amount of investment. To ensure success, you have to take advantage of their expertise, and to familiarize yourself with the activities and program.

There are numerous remodeling companies that offer roof repair, window replacement, and a wide range of related beneficial services. They also use top quality materials and display great professionalism towards work. Furthermore, they offer room additions, bathroom additions, kitchen upgrades and various construction and general contractor work requested by clients. Timothy’s Home Improvement in Chesterfield County, VA guarantees lifestyle and budget friendly services. As professionals, Timothy’s Home Improvement utilizes advanced skills and experience to exceed client’s expectation.

Finding the Most Reliable Home Improvement Specialist

Hiring professional home improvement specialist may seem overwhelming and unnerving task. There are some who even undergo extreme measures just to avoid enlisting external help. They do the job on their own even if they have limited knowledge and experience about it. As a result of their pointless actions, serious problems occur. Similarly, DIY home remodeling can become a disaster, if you don’t have any experience in home improvement. Though it may be cost-effective and is good if you have the background, but if none, its best to hire experts. These professionals don’t mainly have the know-how and skills, but they have good resources of top quality materials at much affordable price.

Below are some home tips on where and how to spot reliable home improvement specialist:

  1. Search Review Websites: There are numerous sites that permit clients to post reviews of the services they receive from specific contractor. Home improvement industry made major usage of the tool for the customer benefit. Websites like Angie’s List and Yelp can provide firsthand account about company’s specific why of handling their business. You can also request testimonial if these options are not reliable enough.
  2. Work Portfolio: Professional home improvement specialists have examples of their previous work. They instantly provide work portfolio without hesitation whenever their clients request. Don’t hesitate to ask for a portfolio, a portfolio provides you with the information you need to hire the professional you want. This will aid you in getting rid of inexperienced workers immediately.
  3. They have to be Certified: Each state has different requirements when it comes to home improvement professionals. You can check your states website to access the list of certified professional near you. Choosing reputable or seasoned home improvement specialists can save a lot of energy and time.

Experienced professionals are those who can provide you a painless job. They can give your home special attention, and much cheaper overall cost. Home remodeling is a process of improving or changing the exterior or interior of your home. Many companies also provide home painting and do wall covering to kitchen, bathroom or basement. Make sure to do a little research beforehand this will help you avoid encountering inexperienced workers, costly projects, and repeat repair jobs.

18 Mar 2016
Window Repair Colonial Heights VA

If You Are Looking To Replace Your Windows In Colonial Heights VA, Contact Timothy’s Home Improvement

Many homeowners wonder when is really the right time to conduct window replacement, window repair and install double pane windows in Colonial Heights, VA. Some assume this to be done during summer or spring months, but this can actually be done all year round by professionals.

  1. Spring and Summer: Colder weather present challenges when installing windows like caulking (not setting) or moisture from rain, snow and ice preventing the tightest seal. This makes summer and spring the best time to replace and install new windows. In fact, this is the busy season for window professionals. Make sure find experienced and licensed window company, and schedule ahead of time to make window ordering, selection and installation easier.
  2. Fall and Winter: Professional window repair and installation take all need measures to lessen heat loss. If you install windows during winter or fall, you can lessen ‘wait times’ to get the project completed. Due to the fact that majority of homeowner’s schedule window replacement during summer and spring, professionals have more time during cooler months. Replace window the soonest possible time if it becomes drafty or causes unusually high energy bills. This will allow you to save energy, time, and comfort.

Choosing the Right Home Improvement Specialist

Looking for window replacement or roof repair professionals in Chesterfield County, VA? Timothy’s Home Improvement is the leading service provider in the area, with over 100 years of collaborative experience.  The company covers services such as siding, roofing, and window services, leaving clients happy and satisfied with every work they do.

For Timothy’s Home Improvement, there are no big or small projects, they are committed to providing exceptional work at a limited time and reasonable price. Their siding services include removal of all siding, siding repair, installation, aluminum and vinyl siding; along with shutters, porch railings, and decks services. When it comes to roofing services, this includes roof repair, patching complete tear offs and reroofs, architectural/dimensional shingles (30, 40 and 50 years), restoration, attic ventilation, shingles, cedar shakes, skylights, dormers, flat roofs, slate roof repair, built-up roofs, and asphalt shingles.

Timothy’s Home Improvement understands that company’s success will depend on their client’s satisfaction. Because of this, the company strives to give you excellent quality and excellent workmanship all the time. When it comes to ‘high safety standards’ of customers and work crews, the company guarantees that all jobs are done safely and accurately to make you feel at ease and away from possible negative occurrence. All staffs give great attention to detail and stick to clients plan. You will observe honesty and appropriateness.

The quality of products and workmanship that the Timothy’s Home Improvement uses are the ideal value combination. Regardless if its aluminum or vinyl siding, Timothy’s Home Improvement have the experience and knowledge to make your humble abode beautiful, classy and sophisticated like never before.

Our workmanship and the quality products that we use are the best possible value combination. Whether it’s aluminum or vinyl siding, we have a solid expertise, experience, and knowledge to make your home beautiful.