27 Apr 2022

Looking to bring a little extra natural light into your kitchen or living space? A garden window may be the perfect solution! Similar to bay windows, garden windows protrude outward from the wall of your home. They are often found in front of kitchen sink areas, and can provide a view of the backyard of the home. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, a garden window Petersburg VA in your home can have a wide range of benefits. 

  1. Natural Light

The size and shape of garden windows allow sunlight to pour into the living space, brightening the room or kitchen, naturally. This light can transform a space, making rooms appear bigger and generally more welcoming. The natural light can also support the growth of any houseplants in the room that literally bring nature and life into an indoor space.

  1. Temperature Control

There are multiple different types of garden windows for homeowners to choose from, and some of them feature ventilation. This can be a great way to improve airflow in the room at a minimal cost. This can help homeowners cut down on energy costs, especially during the hot summer months. 

  1. View of Outside Area

Whether homeowners are wanting to keep an eye on pets, children, or just want a better view of their outdoor space, garden windows can be the perfect solution. The shape and structure of the windows also provide a better view of outdoor spaces, since they protrude from the wall of the home.

  1. Perfect Place to Grow Small Plants 

This shape also creates a greenhouse-like effect, which can be an excellent environment to grow small plants and herbs. This well-lit indoor space can also allow homeowners in colder environments to raise plants they otherwise could not, since they’d be protected from the elements. Growing herbs in the space provided by a garden window can also be a fun activity for home cooks!

  1. Increased Resale Value

Finally, garden windows can increase the property value of a home, and attract buyers seeking a unique feature like this. This sort of home window replacement Petersburg VA can give a home character, setting it apart from the rest of the block. 

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13 Apr 2022

Committing to upgrades on your home can make for some difficult decisions in determining where to allocate your budget. While renovation projects are appealing for homeowners crafting their dream home, getting the basics right first with replacement projects may be a more sustainable solution. Window replacements in particular can yield high return on investments for homeowners looking to eventually sell. 

Understanding Your Options

To get the most value out of home window services Petersburg VA, homeowners should opt for a full upscale window replacement. Repairing windows or replacing for lesser quality windows likely won’t deliver as high a return as this sort of upgrade. Based on 2021 data from for the south-atlantic region, window replacement costs recouped an average of 67% of their cost in resale value. This is a substantially higher return rate than other common home projects such as roofing replacement (55%) or bathroom renovation (52%). 

Improved Energy Efficiency

According to the US Department of Energy, heat gain and heat loss through windows account for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. With the right windows, homeowners can save on electric bills and contribute to a more sustainable future for their property. Be sure to check out energy efficient window options with your provider to ensure you’re installing the best home or garden window Petersburg VA for your property. 

Style and Material

Like many home improvement projects, window replacement offers the opportunity to choose fresh styles that best compliment your home and adhere to trends. It’s usually best to choose something timeless, as windows aren’t as easy to change as paint or paneling. Custom windows that best fit to your unique home can also be a simple and elegant option to set your property apart from others. 

There are a wide array of materials available for window replacement, such as double-paned and Low E Energy efficient glass. Home window replacement Petersburg VA professionals can provide information regarding the advantages and availability of these options to determine what may be best for your home. 

Reliable Partners

The experienced professionals at Timothy’s Home Improvement understand how these investments impact your family and the value of your home long term. Focusing on custom window services Petersburg VA and offering energy efficient options, the team has the tools and experience to make your home improvement goals a reality. 

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09 Feb 2022

Looking to refresh your home quickly and affordably? Try a no-demolition renovation with Timothy’s Home Improvement!

A recent trend in home improvement is no-demolition renovations- or home transformations without any major foundational changes, tearing down walls, or other high cost, high commitment changes. This approach allows homeowners to refresh and reimagine their spaces, while keeping costs and time commitments relatively low. One no-demo way to transform your home in a major way is replacing siding! With the help of our experienced siding contractors at Timothy’s Home Improvement, the possibilities are endless!

What is siding?

Siding is the material installed on the exterior of a home. Creating a weather-proof barrier, siding serves to protect the structure by keeping elements out. Siding comes in a range of materials, which offer different pros, cons, and aesthetic elements. Two of the most popular options siding companies offer are Vinyl and Aluminum. The materials come in an array of colors and styles, allowing homeowners the opportunity to transform the exterior of their homes, and increase the curb appeal at a great value.

How often should siding be replaced?

As the first line of defense against rain, hail, snow, wind, and even pesky insects, good quality siding is essential. If installed correctly, siding can last upwards of 20 years, but is not meant to last forever. Harsh weather conditions can also lead to wear and tear, which may require maintenance sooner. Experienced siding contractors at Timothy’s Home Improvement offer siding installation, repair, and removal, in the Colonial Heights VA area and beyond. 

Styles and Trends to Consider

Some homeowners may simply want to refresh their home with new siding to replace an aged exterior, however siding can be used to offer a fresh aesthetic finish to the home for a fantastic value. Current trends include vertical vinyl siding, unexpected or high contrast colors, and mixed material designs. Window replacement or installation can also offer a new look to the exterior of a home, increasing curb appeal and potentially the market value of your home. 

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