14 Apr 2021

As we head into spring with organization in mind, let’s not forget to take our spring cleaning momentum into our home repairs. Windows are easily overlooked and pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, but not repairing and refreshing your windows can lead to serious damage in the long run. Keep reading to know when it’s time for home window replacement in Petersburg VA.


Drafts are one of the most clear signs that your windows need replacing. If your windows are closed, their job should be to protect your home from outdoor effects like weather. Old windows let the cold air in despite being shut tight, which can lead to a variety of issues including wasted heating/cooling systems.

Increased Energy Cost

As we touched upon in the last point, ineffective windows can cause severe temperature changes in your home, no matter how high you’ve got your AC blasting. Outdoor temperature will cause your home to heat up in the summer, and freeze out in the winter. And with your HVAC system working twice as hard to keep your comfy, your energy bills are sure to take the hit. You’ll save more with the window replacement cost in the long run.

Single Panes

Single pane windows are pretty much outdated due to their lack of effectiveness. Single panes allow outdoor noise, weather, and damage to enter your home. It’s worth the investment to double up- you’ll notice the increase in home value and decrease in heating and cooling costs with your window glass replacement.

Outside Noise

A good window protects your home from all of the threats of the outside world- including the lawn mower next door, the busy street behind your backyard, and that pesky dog that just won’t shut it. If you’ve found yourself victim to the noises of your neighborhood, it may be time to consider window replacement. 

Decaying Frames

It seems obvious, but if you notice chipping, rotting, and decaying on your window frames, you’re long overdue for new windows. Decayed frames can cause mold, sagging, and other problems beyond simple repair. All window frames are susceptible to decay over time, so keep an eye on yours and know when it’s time to upgrade.

Now that you’ve pegged down your problem and are ready for new windows, Timothy’s Home Improvement is happy to get the job done for you. To learn more about window replacement cost, window glass replacement, and home window replacement Petersburg VA, contact us at Timothy’s Home Improvement today!