13 Jan 2016
home siding Repair Colonial Heights VA

Turn To Timothy’s Home Improvement For Home Siding Repair in Colonial Heights VA

Replacing the siding on your house is a decision that you won’t regret. Unlike paint and other decoration things, sliding is something that will work for many years. You can select the best one by matching color and material with other house items. Siding can be applied on house to shed water, insulate, and protect from bad weather. It is one thing that can give your house an artistic structure. There are many reasons to replace siding on your house, here are some of them.

Why replace siding on your house

  • If your house need painting, and it hasn’t been fixed for more than 6 years. This is a good sign that something is wrong and you need to change things such as sidings. If you buy quality siding, they will work for at least 8 years, but it is better to change them before this date, especially those who live in hilly area. If your sidings are pealing, cracking, or chipping then change them before it can lead to major replacements.
  • If your heating or cooling bills are increasing, means there is something wrong with siding. Heat or cold might be coming through the siding and it is a sign that you need to change them. You can check how much bill neighbors are having and compare it with yours before changing them. If they are poorly constructed and the wall insulation is of low grade, then heat and cold bills can rise. Make sure to do some inspection before deciding to replace siding on your house.
  • If they started rotting, you can check it by hitting areas which are rotting. The inside material will sound different than normal, look closely at areas where siding is damaged. Poke closely to see how much siding is damaged and if it is becoming soft, you need to change them as soon as possible.
  • Loose siding and crakes may be the reason to change them, especially after a storm. It is an alarming situation, make sure to remove sections that has loosen up because of storm. Check underneath to find if damage is beyond the siding, make sure that there isn’t much damage that need repair. If large part of siding is cracked, that can lead to many other problems. So make sure to replace your house siding as soon as possible. If cracks are at the roof, then changing them is extremely important. In rainy seasons things can get worse, and you might not be able to change them easily.
  • Fungus, mildew is one of the reason to change house siding, especially when water is penetrating little by little. It can get worse if you think it as little issue, in time fungus will get bigger and it will be an alarming situation for you.

It may seems easy to replace siding but be cautious because there is a lot of work involved in these. You have to cut and fit siding so that they are waterproof. Homeowners are advised to hire professionals for replacing sidings on your house.

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