10 Aug 2021

If you’ve recently decided to build a home, or simply replace your roof, you have a lot of decisions to make as far as design, durability, and budget. We’ve compiled a pros and cons list of the most popular roofing materials in today’s architecture. Remember, for any big home project, you’ll want to hire professionals- for roof repairs or building, contact our roofing contractors in Petersburg VA at Timothy’s Home Improvement.


Asphalt roof panels are arguably the most traditional and cost-effective material when it comes to designing and building a new roof. Asphalt is a popular choice amongst homeowners because the material is affordable and easy to install and maintain. However, asphalt won’t offer you the same luxuries as a more mostly material, and may not be the best choice if you’re looking to stay in your home long-term. If you’re planning to move within the next 10 years, asphalt is your top pick.


Metal is another popular choice, though it’s considered more of an investment. The costlier material will protect against strong weather and will withstand time; not to mention it is eco-friendly and a stylish alternative to other materials. If you’re working to invest in your home’s value, metal is a strong choice your roof contractors will appreciate.

Clay or Concrete

Clay (or concrete) tiles are a solid medium between durability and cost-effectiveness. While real clay tiles can end up being quite costly, dupes can be easily found within your budget- especially if you opt for concrete instead of clay. These materials bring in a stylish element, and work best with Mediterranean, Southwestern, or Spanish-style home designs. 


If you want to splurge on a long-lasting and high-class material, slate is the way to go. This chic material brings a unique and flattering element to your home’s design, but is especially costly and requires professional attention. Consult with your roofing contractors before making the call.
Timothy’s Home Improvement is proud to offer expert installation of double pane low-E energy efficient glass windows. To hire your own roofing contractors in Petersburg, VA, or to learn about our other offers, such as window services, contact us at Timothy’s Home Improvement.

07 Jun 2021
home window repair

Are you looking for a way to maximize energy efficiency and keep your home cool during your next window repair? The next time you need a home or garden window repair, consider Low-E glass for your next set of window glass, a method that will immediately increase your windows’ energy efficiency while lowering your energy bills.

How it works

According to Stanek Windows, Low-E, or low-emissivity, glass windows minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that enters your home without compromising the amount of daylight entering your home. As a result, these energy efficient windows will maintain the temperature within your home while keeping your home bright and full of sunlight.

Why switch to Low-E Glass during your next home window repair

As we enter into the hot, humid Virginia summer, these Low-E glass windows are an ideal option to keep your home cool as the low-E coating will reflect the interior temperatures back inside, keeping your home at a consistent temperature. This glass coating maximizes energy efficiency year-round by keeping your home’s heat in during the winter months.

Not only will this glass help maintain a cool temperature throughout the summer, it will also lower your use of air conditioning and lower your energy bills.

This energy efficient option is also the perfect option for garden windows, as it enables sunlight to flow into the window and provide enough light for plants while avoiding the entrance of damaging infrared and ultraviolet light. If you are due for a garden window repair, consider switching to low-E glass to refresh your plants with sunlight without overheating them.

Timothy’s Home Improvement is proud to offer expert installation of double pane low-E energy efficient glass windows. To learn more about these energy efficient glass options at your next home or garden window repair in Petersburg, VA, contact us at Timothy’s Home Improvement

14 Apr 2021

As we head into spring with organization in mind, let’s not forget to take our spring cleaning momentum into our home repairs. Windows are easily overlooked and pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, but not repairing and refreshing your windows can lead to serious damage in the long run. Keep reading to know when it’s time for home window replacement in Petersburg VA.


Drafts are one of the most clear signs that your windows need replacing. If your windows are closed, their job should be to protect your home from outdoor effects like weather. Old windows let the cold air in despite being shut tight, which can lead to a variety of issues including wasted heating/cooling systems.

Increased Energy Cost

As we touched upon in the last point, ineffective windows can cause severe temperature changes in your home, no matter how high you’ve got your AC blasting. Outdoor temperature will cause your home to heat up in the summer, and freeze out in the winter. And with your HVAC system working twice as hard to keep your comfy, your energy bills are sure to take the hit. You’ll save more with the window replacement cost in the long run.

Single Panes

Single pane windows are pretty much outdated due to their lack of effectiveness. Single panes allow outdoor noise, weather, and damage to enter your home. It’s worth the investment to double up- you’ll notice the increase in home value and decrease in heating and cooling costs with your window glass replacement.

Outside Noise

A good window protects your home from all of the threats of the outside world- including the lawn mower next door, the busy street behind your backyard, and that pesky dog that just won’t shut it. If you’ve found yourself victim to the noises of your neighborhood, it may be time to consider window replacement. 

Decaying Frames

It seems obvious, but if you notice chipping, rotting, and decaying on your window frames, you’re long overdue for new windows. Decayed frames can cause mold, sagging, and other problems beyond simple repair. All window frames are susceptible to decay over time, so keep an eye on yours and know when it’s time to upgrade.

Now that you’ve pegged down your problem and are ready for new windows, Timothy’s Home Improvement is happy to get the job done for you. To learn more about window replacement cost, window glass replacement, and home window replacement Petersburg VA, contact us at Timothy’s Home Improvement today!