01 Jun 2022
  1. Increase in Energy Bills

The older your roof gets, the harder it is to maintain the desired temperature inside your home. The outside temperature will infiltrate your home through damage or cracks. This will result in you having to increase your heat or AC constantly to get your home to the temperature you want. 

  1. Leaky Roof

If you start to notice water damage to ceilings or walls this is a sign your roof is leaking. Leaks will only get worse with time, but can eventually work its way down into the foundation of your house. The water will sit and create mold which is toxic for the members in your home. 

  1. Loose Shingles

Shingles that are starting to lift up, curl, or missing are signs you need to replace them. These problems will result in interior damage; for example, water damage, structural damage, mildew, etc. 

  1. Discoloration of Roof 

Roofs can start to get dark spots or streaks, which are signs of algae growth. This will bring down the overall value of your property and look unmaintained. 

  1. Saggings Roof

Roofs should be flat, and if you begin to spot a dip this may be the beginning of a sagging roof. This is dangerous and your support beams and exterior walls will begin to create cracks. If this problem goes untreated, it can result in your roof collapsing.

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