29 Sep 2015
home siding repair Chester Va

We tend not to think of our roofs until there is water seeping through our ceilings, or some other disaster befalls our homes from without. However, more strict attention to that area of our houses above our heads can helps us avoid greater problems in the future. Here are ten common roof problems that could spell not only headaches, but also severe financial difficulties:

Leaky Roof: In many respects, these are the most common but most difficult to spot until you feel that telltale drip on your forehead. When standing on the ground by your house, you also cannot see any flaws in your tiles. Therefore, climbing up there and performing regular inspections is key.

Poor Installation: Perhaps you hired a roofing contractor on the cheap? Or were busy with other details of your house’s construction that you did not check out their credentials? These are easy mistakes to make, but make sure you do not repeat that when you get it fixed.

Brutal Sun: Most places are sunny most days of the year. Even in cold environments with short winter days, continuous exposure to the sun’s rays can warp tiles, split boards, and deteriorate linings.

Plant Life: The converse of the sun’s rays is moisture. When combined with the dust and dirt that can collect on roof’s surface, there then grows various mosses and fungi that eat away at the structural integrity of the roof itself.

Storms: Rain, snow, sleet, or hail are not possible impediments to just mail carriers. Aside from the problems of moisture discussed already, wind can blow tiles off and open up not simply leaks but giant holes in your roof.

Accessories: Various kinds of gutters and vents are necessary parts of roofs, but they can pose separate issues that can affect the good condition of your roof. If they tear off in a storm, for example, they can open up difficult to plug holes.

Trees: We all like a well-shaded yard, but trees harbor a number of potential problems for roofs. Letting falling leaves gather up there can eventually lead to a cave-in. Falling branches, or the entire tree itself, can accomplish this event instantaneously.

Chimneys: Chimneys are a part of your house, but sealing them up with the roof can sometimes be a tricky task. If not done properly, then moisture can seep in through any gap in the roof and undermine the roof and the structure of the house itself.

Ice Dams: For those who live in areas that experience large amounts of snowfall, the buildup of icicles along the roof edge can lead to an ice dam. Snow seems so light, but the ice dam is heavy and if left unattended, can bring the entire roof down with it.

Improper Interior Insulation: We like to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When insulation is not done correctly inside, cold and warm air meet in the attic creating condensation. That moisture literally rot your roof from the inside.

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