04 Jan 2022
broken window shattered glass

Imagine the kids are out in the yard playing baseball, and you hear a loud crash. Confused by what the noise is and concerned for the kids, you run into the living room to find your glass window shattered. It’s easy to panic in this situation, but here are the steps to take if it does occur. 

Stay Calm & Notify Everyone in the House

Unnecessary alarm can cause injuries to happen. You need everyone in the household to be aware of the broken glass so that no one steps in it or goes near it. Only the person completing the next step should be near it.

Clean Up the Broken Glass

If you have protective gloves, put them on. Use the gloved hands to pick up any large shards of glass; place them in a double-layer plastic bag or a paper bag. If the window broke over hardwood floors or tile then grab a broom, if it was over carpet then grab your vacuum. Use the correct item to pick up all remaining small pieces of glass. 

Cover the Hole

Repairs cannot always be made immediately, so as a temporary solution you should cover the hole. This will keep the heat or AC from escaping as well as stop bugs from entering your home. For cracks, you can use masking tape or packing tape to seal the holes. For larger openings, use a double layer of plastic (such as a trash bag) to cover it. Make sure to attach it with tape. 

Call a Window Glass Replacement Company

Contacting an expert in window repair is the final step of the process. Home window replacement can be tricky, so having a professional install the new glass ensures the work is done correctly and cleanly. It is also safer to have a specialist complete the job. They can also recommend new products or even upgrade your glass. 

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28 Oct 2021

There are a lot of factors to be considered when you’re building your dream home. One of our specialities at Timothy’s Home Improvement is helping you acquire the perfect home window replacement Petersburg VA. Deciding on the perfect windows for your home is a process, as there are many elements to consider. Today, we’re going to help you decide whether single or double hung windows Petersburg VA are right for you. 

The overall “look” of these windows shouldn’t be much of a factor, since both single and double hung windows have a similar appearance. The differences lie in the actual mechanics. Double hung windows open from both the top and bottom, with the glass panels meeting in the middle. Single hung windows only open from the bottom, while the top remains static.

Creating a budget and sticking to it is one of the first and most crucial steps in any home renovation project! While both window styles are great options, you’ll need to consider cost upfront and long-term. Single hung windows are initially a more affordable option in most cases. However, when you consider window repair and long-term care, double hung windows may be the better option for your budget. Double hung windows are more durable and require less maintenance, generally speaking. Be sure to look at other factors, like style, material, and quantity, before you spend, as these will all contribute to the final cost.

You should pick windows based on your home and it’s needs. If you are building a home from the ground up, single hung windows will be a lot easier to work with and build around. However, if you are looking at a home window replacement, the investment into double hung windows may be worth your while. If you have a multi-story building, double hung windows will be easier to clean and provide more ventilation. They will also require less maintenance, which may be worth investing in. If you are working with a single-story home, however, single hung windows may be just fine and cost you less money. Single hung windows can be cleaned and worked on from the outside with no problem, and may actually not need so much professional attention should things go wrong. If you do need window repair assistance, you can always turn to Timothy’s Home Improvement

Timothy’s Home Improvement is proud to offer expert installation of double hung windows Petersburg VA. To learn more about window repair, home window replacement, or double hung window services, contact us at Timothy’s Home Improvement

10 Aug 2021

If you’ve recently decided to build a home, or simply replace your roof, you have a lot of decisions to make as far as design, durability, and budget. We’ve compiled a pros and cons list of the most popular roofing materials in today’s architecture. Remember, for any big home project, you’ll want to hire professionals- for roof repairs or building, contact our roofing contractors in Petersburg VA at Timothy’s Home Improvement.


Asphalt roof panels are arguably the most traditional and cost-effective material when it comes to designing and building a new roof. Asphalt is a popular choice amongst homeowners because the material is affordable and easy to install and maintain. However, asphalt won’t offer you the same luxuries as a more mostly material, and may not be the best choice if you’re looking to stay in your home long-term. If you’re planning to move within the next 10 years, asphalt is your top pick.


Metal is another popular choice, though it’s considered more of an investment. The costlier material will protect against strong weather and will withstand time; not to mention it is eco-friendly and a stylish alternative to other materials. If you’re working to invest in your home’s value, metal is a strong choice your roof contractors will appreciate.

Clay or Concrete

Clay (or concrete) tiles are a solid medium between durability and cost-effectiveness. While real clay tiles can end up being quite costly, dupes can be easily found within your budget- especially if you opt for concrete instead of clay. These materials bring in a stylish element, and work best with Mediterranean, Southwestern, or Spanish-style home designs. 


If you want to splurge on a long-lasting and high-class material, slate is the way to go. This chic material brings a unique and flattering element to your home’s design, but is especially costly and requires professional attention. Consult with your roofing contractors before making the call.
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